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So this little guy is mine.

He turned SEVEN on May 1st. Unbelievable, still.

After MUCH discussion, attempted coersion on my part, and some compromise on both our parts, we decided this party was going to be EPIC, and Captain Underpants themed.
The challenge laid in that my kids tend to be about 6 months ahead of the party supply industry…so we had to just figure it out!

If you’re unfamiliar with Captain Underpants, you should know a few things:
1. Captain Underpants is a book series by Dave Pilkey.
2. Captain Underpants is an opportunity to use potty talk as much as you want!
3. Captain Underpants wears his underwear on the OUTside (something some of our guests were NOT on board with! 🙂 )

  Captain Underpants Party Theme

We started things off with handmade capes for everyone who didn’t have one, as well as a pair of underwear to put over their clothes! (Thank you Pinterest for the tutorial here!) Even the adults got in on the action!
Everyone had a special name tag, with their own Captain Underpants name. From Lotta Body, Sloppy Jo, Birthday Booger Boy to Ashlee the Air Master. 

Of course there were snacks!

Captain Underpants Party Food

Super Power Juice: Gatorade (in 2 colors)
Laffs: Laffy Taffy
Butt Nuggets: Buncha Crunch
Bionic Boogers: pear flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans
3D Hypno-rings: Ring Pops
Skid Marks: tootsie roll midgies (thanks to my husband for that name…ew!)

Captain Underpants Party Cake

And cake, of course!
Thanks to all the daddies who helped block the wind so we could like each candle individually to get blown out, because…that was the only way.

Captain Underpants Party Games Gifts

The game was a hit! I love that the guests opted to use the toilets (cut from foam core by yours truly) as a photo booth opportunity. These were then used to sling the underwear into the toilet. Each kid got a prize: whoopee cushions, Captain Underpants books, and farting goop. Rounding out the day with gifts and thank yous!

We had a fabulous time planning and putting on this party and are grateful for those who came out!

Until next time,

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